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Агроинженерный факультет

Our Faculty is the only structural educational unit on the territory of Abkhazia that provides training of Highly Qualified specialists for the country's agro-industrial complex.

The Faculty was founded in 1994 on the basis of the former Subtropical Agriculture Institute.

It provides training in four areas:

110400.62-01 Agronomy

Training Profile - "Agronomy"

110800 Agricultural Engineering

Training Profile "Technical systems in Agribusiness"

260 100 Food products from plants

Training Profile “Technology of Subtropical Food Flavoring Products”

140400.62-01 Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

Training Profile - "Power Supply"

The structure of the Faculty includes four Departments:

"Department of Agronomy";

-“Department of Technology of Subtropical and Food Flavoring Products”;

“Department of Agricultural Mechanization”;

"Department of Energy Systems";


“The Base Department at the Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences of ASA (Academy of Sciencies of Abkhazia).”

In the difficult post-war years an important role in formation of the Faculty was played by remarkable scientists, high-ranking specialists, who ceased down prematurely: PhD, Assoc. Gergiya Yu.K., PhD, Associate Professor Avetikov M.S., PhD, Associate Professor Janashia G.P., PhD., Associate Professor Chamagua A.E., PhD, Associate Professor Achba L.N., PhD, Assoc. Markosyan A.F., PhD, Associate Professor Garth L. E.  

Teaching at the Faculty is carried out by the teaching staff, including 2 Professors, 16 Associate Professors, 16 Senior Lecturers and specialists with extensive practical experience.

Among them are Scientists who made a significant contribution to the development of the Subtropical Agriculture and Energy Sectors of Abkhazia: PhD in Agriculture, Prof. Khvatysh G.A., Associate Professor in Agriculture, Academician of ASA Aiba L. Ya., PhD in Agriculture, Associate Professor Alan P. B., PhD in Agriculture, Associate Professor Kosareva 3. I., Assoc. Mikaa G.P., PhD in Sechnical sciencies, Associate Professor Camlia R.A.

Department of Agronomy. The main Scientific Research of the Department’s Personnel is related to the development of Subtropical Crop Production, including a number of scientific and practical issues aimed at developing comprehensive regulation of the growth, development and protection of Subtropical Crops. Currently, the department is headed by Associate Professor, PhD Chukbar Kama Tarielovna.

Department of Technology of Subtropical and Food Flavoring Products. The main directions of the Department Scientific work are associated with the development of progressive non-waste technologies of processing essential oil, oilseed, fruit, vegetable and tea raw materials. The Department is headed by PhD in Technical Sciencies, Associate Professor Shakaya Nina Yuryevna.

Department of Agricultural Mechanization. The main directions of scientific work are related to the mechanization optimization of Subtropical Crop production. The Department is headed by Associate Professor Ladaria Anatoly Yuryevich.

Department of Energy Systems.The scientific activity of the Department is aimed at developing innovative methods for the organization and development of Hydropower in Abkhazia and study of non-traditional renewable energy sources. The Department was founded under the supervision of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Geraseva V.I. Nowadays, the Head of the Department is PhD in Technical Sciencies, Associate Professor Kimketov May Dzhankhotovich.

The Base Department at the Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences of ASA (Academy of Sciencies of Abkhazia). The main tasks of the Department are improving the educational process, holding student’s practical trainings, enabling Faculty Personnel to conduct research work on the basis of Research Institutes. The Department is headed by Akaba Yuri Grigorievich, PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor.

In the period from 2011up to 2017, five laboratories were set up at the Faculty: Educational and Recearch-Production Laboratory on Agrochemistry, Educational and Production Laboratory on Technologies of Production Processing, Educational Laboratories on theoretical basics of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Electric Machines.

The Faculty supports activities of the Scientific Society of Graduate Students and young Scientists. Students have the opportunity to present their working results at Student Conferences held twice a year. Students, Graduate Students and Lecturers of the Faculty also participate in various Scientific Events.

The Faculty closely cooperates with a number of Russian Universities - Maykop State Technological University, Kuban Agrarian University, Kabardino-Balkarian State Agrarian University, Volgograd State Agrarian University, etc. Joint Conferences, Round Tables, and Scientific Seminars are held with the participation of mentioned Institutions.

ASU, including the Faculty of Agriculture, is rich by good traditions- we create conditions for students to develop their creative abilities, broaden up their horizons, raise their cultural level and gain skills. The Faculty has Teams on Dancing, Intellectual Game KVN, and football team that has won different prizes more than once.

Over the period from 1994 to 2017, the Faculty offered training and education to more than 1,200 certified specialists who enjoy well-deserved authority among workers of all sectors of the agro-industrial complex of Abkhazia, Russia and other countries of near and far abroad. Currently, about 300 students study at the Agri Faculty.


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