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Филологический факультет

Direction - Philology

Profile - Abkhaz language and literature.

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Profile - Abkhaz language in non-Abkhaz schools

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Profile - Russian Philology.

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Direction – Linguistics

Profile –English Language

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Profile–German Language.

Graduate Qualification (degree) - Bachelor.

Standard course of study: 4 years. 


The practical and research activities of the Philologist and Linguist are concentrated in the field of humanitarian knowledge, interlanguage communication, education and culture.

The objects of professional activities are:

- Languages ​​ (Native and Foreign) in their theoretical, practical, historical and dialectical aspects;

 -Literature (Domestic and Foreign), taking into account the development patterns in various countries.


The Philologist (Linguist) is prepared to carry out Research, practical and educational activities. In the practical sphere - implementation of practical activities related to the use of knowledge and skills in the field of Philology in Educational Institutions, Culture, Management, Media, in the field of intercultural communication and other areas of social and humanitarian activities.

Декан факультета

Хагуш Батал Антипович
  • Ученая степень: Кандидат филологических наук


Контакты факультета
Телефон: 89123129512